Harbor Light Fellowship

Harbor Light Fellowship is helping people in different parts of the United States and several other countries grow in their understanding of God’s will for their lives and learn to have a personal relationship with Him. We do this by teaching them how to understand His Word, the Bible, and how to walk with Him by way of His gift of holy spirit. Bible fellowships that meet in homes, Biblical study classes and seminars, and other events and activities are available for the whole family.

The Church in the Home

The Bible teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to return to gather his Church together [2 Thessalonians 2:1]. Until that great day, it is God’s desire that His family get together to worship Him, learn about Him, and take care of each other. In the Book of Acts, the divinely inspired record of the Christian Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ and carried forward by the apostles and others, the Church met in small groups in people’s homes. We invite you to come to a fellowship in the home to see how beautifully this design of God works.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fellowship meetings are times in which all those who want to can come together to share in prayer, singing, hearing from God, hearing a teaching of God’s Word, and spending time together with others who love God and are growing together.

Anyone who is interested in knowing about God and His Word is welcome.

Each fellowship sets its own schedule, according to the needs and interests of that particular group. See our Locations page to find out when there are fellowships in your area or contact us so we can get back to you with information on the closest fellowships to you.

If you have one, bring a Bible. (If not, we’ll be happy to lend you one or share one with you!) You may want to bring a notebook if you’d like to take notes during the Bible teaching. Other than that, just bring your hunger and desire to know more about God and His plan for us to live a more abundant life.

A lighthouse shines out to show where there’s an entrance to the safety of a harbor, a place protected from the storms out in the open ocean. God is light (as you see on our logo) and His Church is to be both that place where His people feel protected and loved and where the light of His Word can shine out to show others how to find Him. The word “fellowship” means “a full sharing.” God, our Heavenly Father, wants to share fully with us and wants us to share fully with Him. We want our Bible fellowships to be all these things for those who participate in them. That’s why we’ve named ourselves Harbor Light Fellowship.

Please go to our Contact page to send us a note about what else you would like to know or how we may help you. We’ll be happy to answer and to have the privilege to serve you.

What We Believe

Jesus Christ stated that God’s Word is true [John 17:17]. We believe that the Bible is the revealed Word and Will of God. We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament were God-breathed [2 Timothy 3:16] and are of supreme, absolute and final authority for truth. We believe that this Word of truth teaches, among many other things, that:

  • There is one God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, Who has revealed Himself in His Word, the Bible.
  • That Jesus Christ is God’s only-begotten son, our lord and savior, whom God raised from the dead.
  • That all who confess Jesus as Lord and believe in their heart that God has raised him from the dead are saved [Romans 10:9-10], born again of God’s spirit, and are sons and daughters of God, receiving eternal life solely on the basis of Jesus Christ’s redemptive work.
  • That all sons and daughters of God, as members of the Body of Christ, each has something unique and important to contribute and each has God-given rights, privileges and abilities in God’s family.
  • That all who are saved have the God-given ability to manifest the gift of holy spirit they received at the time of the new birth; that this promised “power from on high” [Luke 24:49] has been available to all of God’s children since the Day of Pentecost.
  • That Jesus Christ will return to gather the Church unto himself, an event the Bible calls “our blessed hope” [Titus 2:13].
  • That God wants everyone to be saved and to come to a complete and accurate knowledge of His truth [1 Timothy 2:4] and, to accomplish that, He has given to every believer the ministry of reconciliation to reconcile people back to him.