2012 Spring Advance - Especially Good to the Household of Faith (CD Set)

A CD set with the teachings from Harbor Light Fellowship’s 2012 Spring Advance which had the topic “Especially Good to the Household of Faith.”  This item contains seven CD’s each containing one teaching and one CD containing the MP3’s of all seven teachings.



“Some Ways to be Especially Good to the Household” –     Jerry Carr                 62:00

“Praying for Each Other” –                                                        Michael Gilmore     40:50

“Loving Each Other” –                                                                Joe Armstrong         41:14

“Being Especially Good to Individuals” –                                Steve Zolezzi            47:31

“Forgiving One Another” –                                                        Bob Chatten             54:51

“The Hope of Christ’s Return” –                                                Diane Carr               70:19

“Remembering God’s Goodness: Psalm 103” –                      Jerry Carr                 22:33