2015 Spring Advance - Pray Without Ceasing (CD Set)

A CD set with the teachings from Harbor Light Fellowship’s 2015 Spring Advance which had the topic “Pray Without Ceasing” which is a quote of I Thessalonians 5:17.  This item contains nine CD’s each containing one teaching and one CD containing the MP3’s of all nine teachings.



“Pray Without Ceasing” –                                          Jerry Carr                        55:01

“How to Start Your Day” –                                         Liz Gilmore                    33:03

“Prayer – A Family Affair” –                                       Kimberly Hunt               24:17

“In the Name of Jesus Christ” –                                Dean Mercado              47:05

“Four Things Jesus Christ Taught on Prayer” –      Joe Armstrong               53:02

“Intercessory Prayer: Standing in the Gap” –        Bob Chatten                   50:58

“Boldness in Prayer” –                                               Stephanie Schumm      49:03

“The Effectiveness of Prayer” –                                Michael Gilmore            51:31

“Pray Without Ceasing – Close” –                             Jerry Carr                        22:58