2016 Spring Advance - The First Century Church in the Twenty-first Century (CD Set)

A CD set with the teachings from Harbor Light Fellowship’s 2016 Spring Advance which had the topic “The First Century Church in the Twenty-first Century.”  This item contains eight CD’s each containing one teaching and one CD containing the MP3’s of all eight teachings.



“The First Century Church Now” –                   Jerry Carr                 56:36

“Fellowship with God and Others” –               Dean Mercado        31:56

“Benefits of Being Together and Giving” –     Jesse Carr                 21:39

“Continuing Steadfastly in Prayer” –               Erin Gilmore             43:41

“Power in the People” –                                     Bob Chatten            48:05

“Compassion and Believing” –                          Michael Gilmore     50:58

“One Accord” –                                                     Steve Zolezzi           33:45

“Praising God and Having Favor” –                   Jerry Carr                 51:31