2018 Atlanta Fall Advance - Power and Deliverance (CD Set)

A CD set with the teachings from Harbor Light Fellowship’s 2018 Atlanta Fall Advance which had the topic “Power and Deliverance.”  This item contains nine CD’s each containing one teaching and one CD containing the MP3’s of all nine teachings.



“A God of Deliverance” –                           Michael Gilmore     48:02

“Fear – Not from God” –                             Patrick Gross           26:07

“No Fear in Love – We are Sons” –           Michelle Waite        27:17

“God’s Grace and Power” –                        Jerry Carr                 55:17

“Power” –                                                       J.M. Scott                  27:23

“God Has Given Us Love” –                       Liz Gilmore               22:17

“By Love, Serve Deliverance” –                 Steve Zolezzi             40:20

“The Sound Mind” –                                    Joe Armstrong         45:15

“The Mystery – God’s Masterpiece” –      Michael Gilmore       47:11