Prove Me

Prosperity Renewed Mind Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Gilmore, Michael 03/01/2020

This teaching presents the audience with the challenge to prove God in their lives. It specifically goes over some current events in 2020, specifically the pandemic and stock market crash, and what actions people need to take in their minds to combat bad news and fear. Many of the verses go over proving God in finances by abundantly sharing. God is more powerful than whatever we face; it is up to each individual to put the Word in his mind when the world and situations are scary.

Overcoming Fear God like a mighty gorilla

There Are Two Seas in Palestine

Prosperity Author Unknown

This poem or essay, whose author is unknown, compares the Sea of Galilee with the Dead Sea as a way to show how people are as well. Some give and therefore are full of life, while others jealously hoard things and end up spiritually dead and cut off from the blessings God wants them to have.