God’s Law of Prosperity

This series is intended to set a vision for God’s desire is for His people to prosper in every category of life. It shows that true prosperity is spiritual prosperity and that material prosperity is really a reflection or by-product of our relationship with God. When we seek the blessings without first seeking the Blessor, the God who sees and provides for His people, it doesn’t work for us. But when we keep our focus on God as our sufficiency, then things in life flow as He designed them to. The teachings cover two of the major principles God has set up for us to apply in order the receive the abundance and prosperity He wants to shower us with – our giving and our work. The last sessions in the series more specifically cover some ways we can apply God’s Word at work and the blessings that come from that important part of life.

Date: March 19, 2004 - March 28, 2004

Locations: Daggon Home (Budd Lake, NJ)

Topics: Believing, Prosperity

Individual Sessions or Teachings

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Prosperity is a Spiritual Matter

God’s True Prosperity and the True Riches

Teaching - Audio

God Wants to Meet Our Every Need

Teaching - Audio

Keeping Your Life Simple

Teaching - Audio

What God Wants You To Give is Yourself

Teaching - Audio

A More Abundant Life in Every Category

Teaching - Audio

Work Was Designed to be Done in Fellowship with God

Some Godly Attitudes and Principles We Can Apply at Work

Teaching - Audio

Some Benefits of Working God’s Way

Teaching - Audio