Claiming God’s Promises: God’s Word is Enough

Claiming God’s Promises: God’s Word is Enough Inn at Stone Mountain Park Carr, Lissy 10/08/2022

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Being Real is Believing Who You Are

The Great Mystery The New Birth Renewed Mind Sonship Rights Hasbrouck Heights VFW (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ) Carr, Lissy 02/16/2014 02/16/2014

This teaching is about our true identity in Christ and not believing anything less than what the Word says about us. We shouldn’t let our past hold us back from where we are now and we don’t have time to entertain anything less than the Word. We’ve been delivered and we are sons of God. We should be more convinced about what the Word says about us than what the world says about us. Where God has placed us in the Body is right. We should stand out in the world and not cover ourselves to fit in, just as Jesus Christ did not try to fit in with the world in his times. People cannot take away God’s spiritual seed that’s in you, but they can try to convince you that you are not righteous or victorious. Spend time with God to see how you fit in the body and what you can do. Do you want to please God? Believe who you are and believe what the Word says. Shine your light, don’t dim it down.

Fighting to Believe God’s Word Over Everything

Believing Dealing with the Adversary Witnessing and Undershepherding Greenkill Conference Center Carr, Lissy 06/26/2017 06/26/2017

This teaching challenges believers to be completely convinced of the Word and not to fall into the trap of accepting everything the world has for us. It also challenges believers to share the light of the Word with people because God’s Word has the answers for everything.