Being Strong in Believing

Being Strong in Believing Believing Old Testament Examples Greenkill Conference Center Cinardo, Nick Carr, Jerry 06/25/2019 06/25/2019

This teaching looks at David’s attitude toward God and His Word. It looks in detail at the record of David and Goliath to understand the impact believing God’s Word can have in our lives. David trusted in God more than the five senses, and he did not allow anyone to defy the armies of the living God. We can also have this attitude of trusting God. If you can make the choice in your mind to believe God in the circumstances of your life, then you will be more than a conqueror in every situation. God provides a great opportunity to have a life that is unfathomably abundant. We just want to get to the place where we can believe God a little bit more each day. Accept the greatness of the Word, God’s grace, and God’s mercy in order to endure and overcome. Wait on God and He will strengthen your heart. There are going to be challenges when we address those things which we are afraid of in this life; we have to decide whether to fight and claim God’s Word or back down. There is nothing overwhelming for God. Even if we are in an uncomfortable or intimidating situation, God is going to be our sufficiency, strength, salvation, deliverer, and provider. We should not measure our lives by what the world says we should think. The Word of God has an answer for everything that pertains to life and godliness. We stand for God and have God in Christ in us. We can stand in the gap because we represent a great reality.

Our Attitude Towards God’s Word

Renewed Mind: The Conflict

Renewed Mind Greenkill Conference Center Cinardo, Nick 06/28/2018 06/28/2018

The renewed mind allows us the opportunity to walk with the power of God in a dynamic way, to manifest the greatness of God’s love, and to be able to minister to people. This teaching gives a doctrinal approach to renewed mind believing (how it works), an example of what the renewed mind looks like, and a practical process to operating the renewed mind in our own lives. Lust, communication, and forgiveness are some of the practical topics covered. Renewing your mind is taking the thoughts of God’s Word on any given subject into your own mind so that God’s thoughts become your thoughts. The mind of Christ is a new reality because we were born without it until we were born again. The mind and body we were born with cannot produce the spiritual results detailed in God’s Word. Therefore, we have to rely on the newness of life which God created in us in order to get the believing results promised in God’s Word. We have the choice to walk by believing, the greatness of God’s Word, or to follow after a dead existence. We are still God’s children whether we renew our minds or not. We should choose to pursue after the spirit of God within us because it blesses God and because it has great benefits of life and peace. God set up a way for us to have Him in our hearts all the time. The fruit of the spirit is available to us in our lives. The renewed mind is a thought by thought decision. It is an attitude regarding God and His Word. It is a process of putting God first plus believing and acting on who you are in Christ.

Romans 6:1 – 7:25

The New Birth Renewed Mind Sonship Rights Daggon Home (Budd Lake, NJ) Cinardo, Nick 11/02/2007 11/02/2007

This teaching covers the conflict the born-again believer has on the inside due to being dead to sin by the new birth and yet still having sin in him due to the old man nature. This section of Romans deals with how to walk in newness of life, enjoying freedom from sin by believing and rendering paralyzed the old man nature.