Deliverance from Fear

Deliverance from Fear Dealing with the Adversary Aldersgate Center Diaz, Aneira 06/04/2005 06/04/2005

What is fear? Fear is the result or consequence of man disobeying God. This teaching covers how the Word of God is truth and provides true healing and deliverance from fear. Fear is bondage, torture, and a trap that only the Devil himself could devise to prevent people from walking in the freedom that God has intended for man to walk in. God dealt with fear by dealing with the Adversary and promising a Savior. If God raised someone from the dead, do you think God can help you with any of your fears? We have victory even over death. The Word of God is that safe place where we can get help. When we bring to the forefront of our minds that it is Christ in us, we are sons of God, and we are going to Heaven, it changes our perspective and allows us to have the upper hand in any situation.

Fear, Deliverance

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