Sonship Rights

Renewed Mind Sonship Rights Greenkill Conference Center Dillon, Alex 04/25/2009 04/25/2009

This teaching about recognizing our positions as sons of God has three parts: (1) what is our standing right now? (2) what is the significance of our position? and (3) how can we utilize this position as sons of God? Before we can walk out as sons of God, we need to perceive God’s love towards us. This position has nothing to do with our accomplishments, shortcomings, or whether we feel like sons of God. We are sons of God now! Although we do not need to work for our sonship rights, we do need to put in the work to remember them. The youngest son from the Parable of the Forgiving Father is given as an example of a son who asked boldly for something he knew already belonged to him. We can claim our sonship rights as God’s sons because they have been freely given to us. Set aside anything that is weighing you down, and renew your mind thought by thought. Believe in who we are, sons of God with Christ in us!

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