Be Strong in the Lord, Not in Yourself

Believing The Great Mystery New Life Island Gilmore, Tim 08/20/2022

In this teaching, the teacher expounds on how to be strong in the Lord and not in your own self. People are weak and limited; we need God. God loves to show Himself strong on our behalf, and He gave us manifestations so we could have power to be able to do cool things with God. The teacher uses Peter as an example of a regular guy who received power and was able to do impossible things. We can believe God and manifest power too.

God Helps Us Conquer Fear

Old Testament Examples Greenkill Conference Center Gilmore, Tim 06/26/2018 06/26/2018

God wants to help us with fear, and that’s all there is to it. This teaching looks at the record of God helping Gideon conquer fear. First, God tells him that he is a mighty man of valor. Then God graciously works with Gideon to help him with his believing and be assured that He was with him. Gideon then believes, and God did all the hard work for Gideon’s victory. Gideon was meek and knew he was nothing without God. It is so easy for God to help us with what we need. It is so hard for us to do it on our own; the hardest part is asking Him for help. The more responsibility we have, the more we need to go to God for help. God, the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, is our helper. We don’t have to be perfect people for God to show Himself strong, but we do need to be meek to ask Him for help. He will absolutely help us.


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