Confessing God’s Word

Confessing God’s Word Inn at Stone Mountain Park Gross, Patrick 10/08/2022

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One Body

The Great Mystery Stone Mountain Inn Gross, Patrick 10/09/2021

This teachings covers our importance in the One Body. We learn that we need to make the effort to see the Christ in people since the new birth does not affect our thinking. We are exhorted to see past the things in people that bother us and to be big on patience and forgiveness. We are to be thankful for the differences among the believers since they help us function as a complete body. The Adversary is always going to be looking to break us up, so we need to take every opportunity to esteem one another highly.

The One Body

Fear is Not From God

Renewed Mind Mountain Top Inn and Resort Gross, Patrick 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

This teaching is about fear not being from God and how we can combat it by focusing on what God has given us: power, love and a sound mind. The teacher compares fear to a hunting snare; it is targeted, subtle, and the more that one struggles, the tighter it gets. It is a deadly trap. We can escape the tricks of the Adversary by putting our trust in God. Fear has to be dissolved by the confidence that we have in God, not in ourselves. We have to be watchful of when those traps are being set for us because fear robs us of God’s promises. Fear is a great opportunity to believe God. We can extinguish fear with renewed mind believing as quick as the hiss of putting out a cigarette in a puddle. God wants to fight our battles for us, and He’s proven Himself faithful over and over again. In a poor or mediocre life, there is fear; in a more than abundant life, there cannot be room for fear. Let’s be confident in our God and keep the Word on in our brains.