Endurance Because of the Hope

The Hope The Homewood Suites (East Rutherford, NJ) Waite, Sid 09/30/2018

Faithfulness is building godly habit patterns in your life. We want to build the hope of Christ’s return in our lives. The summary of a Christian’s life is to serve the true God and wait for His Son from heaven. We live everyday expecting, in light of the Hope, that it can occur in any moment. God gave us the Hope to help us be faithful and steadfast on His Word.


Grace and Peace

Marriage, Family and Children The Fellowlaborers’ House (2 Baier) Waite, Sid 04/01/2017

If a marriage is an example of The Mystery, then grace and peace have to be in the marriage. We see from this teaching God’s grace in the Church and how we as individuals can give that grace to our spouses. When we better understand that grace of God extended to us, it can help us extend that grace to others. We are shown examples of God’s grace in the Word, including the grace in Paul’s life. It also shows how grace and peace go together, so if we extend grace, we’ll see a lot more peace. We are to be imitators of God. He extends grace because He loves, and that’s the greatest motivation to extend grace, because you love. We haven’t earned anything, but God gives us grace.

Jeremiah 35: Obedience and Believing

Jeremiah 35: Obedience and Believing Believing Greenkill Conference Center Waite, Sid 06/29/2017 06/29/2017

This teaching covers the link between obedience and believing and how we can’t believe without obedience. Rev. Sid Waite goes to the record of Jeremiah and the Rechabites and shows how the Rechabites obeyed the commandments of their ancestor and, ultimately, obeyed God.


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