Jesus Christ: Our Decision to Believe

This teaching is about Jesus Christ and our choice, our decision, to believe in him. Man’s choice, today and throughout history, has always been whether to believe the Lord Jesus Christ or not. According to God’s Word, how are Christians are supposed to live? By believing Jesus Christ as well as believing the power, the righteousness, and all of the other sonship rights we have in Christ. We take the place of the absent Christ because inside every born-again believer is Christ. We can show forth the love of God, perform the miracles, raise the dead, and speak the Word. It is our decision to choose to believe who we are in Christ. In the book of Romans, God’s solution for man’s plight and to make the world a better place is Jesus Christ. Will we choose to stumble at the stumblingstone because of our unbelief or will we live a victorious Christian life by believing what he accomplished?

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Jesus Christ: Our Decision to Believe – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Steve Zolezzi

Location: Hasbrouck Heights VFW (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)

Topics: Believing, The New Birth, Renewed Mind, Sonship Rights, Jesus Christ

Date: February 16, 2014

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