Metonymy, Synecdoche, Metalepsis, Idiom

This teaching reviews four specific types of figures of speech: metonymy, synecdoche, metalepsis, and idioms. Understanding these figures of speech helps us gain a greater appreciation for the detail of God’s Word. The definition and examples of each type of figure are given to help the listener reach a greater understanding of how these function in God’s Word. An explanation is specifically given of the idiom of permission. We are reminded of how important it is to speak God’s Word to people since God is a delivering God.

Category: Classes & Teaching Series

Number in series: 4 of 6

Metonymy, Synecdoche, Metalepsis, Idiom – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Steve Zolezzi

Location: Cinardo Home (Rutherford, NJ)

Topics: How God’s Word Interprets Itself, Figures of Speech

Date: November 09, 2010

Scripture References:
Acts 2:25-26
Genesis 25:21-23
2 Kings 4:38-40
Acts 21:20-21
Acts 17:31
Ephesians 2:13
Genesis 1:5
Hebrews 3:8
Romans 12:1
Philippians 3:19
Mark 16:15
Acts 9:28
Acts 13:49-51
Exodus 4:21
2 Corinthians 6:11
Psalms 119:32

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