Peter’s Training by Jesus Christ

This teaching traces examples of how Jesus Christ taught and trained Peter to be a leader. It shows how in order to be a great leader, you must first be a great follower. The records covered show how those that were with Jesus Christ were taught by both words and example and how a turning point in Peter’s life was his learning to accept reproof.

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Peter’s Training by Jesus Christ – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Steve Zolezzi

Location: Cahill Home (Rutherford, NJ)

Topics: Leadership and Service

Date: October 16, 2011

Scripture References:
Mark 1:16-17
Luke 5:1-11
Luke 6:12-15
Mark 3:14-15
Mark 4:10-14
Matthew 14:23-31
John 6:66-68
Matthew 16:13-23
Matthew 17:1-2
John 21:1-18
Acts 2:14
Acts 2:37-41

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