Believing vs. Mental Assent

This teaching covers the difference between believing and mental assent by looking at the “roll call of honor of believing” in Hebrews 11. We read about the example of the believing of Rahab in the Old Testament, followed by an exhortation for us to consider the example of Jesus Christ and his believing so that we don’t faint in our minds. In the second part, there is a comparison between the Old and New Testaments, comparing Israel’s deliverance from Egypt and entry to the Promised Land with the deliverance of believers in the New Testament from sin and entry into the riches of Christ. The believing of Joseph is covered and we are shown how, from one man’s believing, Egypt became the greatest nation in the world at that time. Moses’ faithfulness is also shown and Jesus’ life is compared with Moses.

Category: Classes & Teaching Series

Number in series: 5 of 12

Part of collection: The Believing Series

Believing vs. Mental Assent – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Jerry Carr, Steve Zolezzi

Location: The Palace Hotel (North Bergen, NJ)

Topics: Believing, Old Testament Examples

Date: June 08, 1990

Scripture References:
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