Sex…and Some Other Things

This teaching explains the obligations couples have to each other when they decide to marry. It explains different meanings of words pertaining to this subject like render, benevolence, power, defraud, and incontinency. It warns us how Satan can tempt married couples if they leave a door open for him to come in, reminding us this is a spiritual world that we live in. A wife’s submission and the husband’s authority are covered plus how a husband’s love for his wife and a wife’s respect for her husband bring out the best in each other. It talks about the meaning of a wife keeping silence and also of not disrespecting her husband in public. The teacher covers what a meek and quiet spirit is in a woman and the qualities of a virtuous woman.

Category: Classes & Teaching Series

Number in series: 7 of 8

Sex…and Some Other Things – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Jerry Carr

Location: The Fellowlaborers' House (2 Baier)

Topics: Marriage, Family, and Children

Date: August 29, 2015

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