The Two C’s – Covetousness and Contentment

This teaching outlines two key topics in marriage: one which can help a marriage, and the other which can hurt a marriage. These topics are covetousness, which is a constant desire to have more physical possessions, and contentment, which is a mind satisfied with your lot, knowing you’ll have what you need. We learn that the abundant life is not about our goods or physical possessions, contrary to what the world and our materialistic society promotes. The real riches in this life are in getting to know God and allowing Him to supply for us. The effort to get to know God and have a relationship with Him pays and is what makes a person truly rich.

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The Two C’s – Covetousness and Contentment – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Joe Armstrong

Location: The Fellowlaborers' House (2 Baier)

Topics: Prosperity, Marriage, Family, and Children

Date: October 21, 2017

Scripture References:
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