2022 Youth Advance – Be Strong in the Lord

2022 Youth Advance – Be Strong in the Lord Believing New Life Island Various Teachers 08/19/2022 08/21/2022

The 2022 Youth Advance was a three day event at the end of the summer for believers ages 12 through 20s focusing on God’s Word, fellowship, and fun. It took place at a camp called New Life Island located on an island in the Delaware River and included meals and overnight housing. The theme verse was Ephesians 6:10: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” Some of the things that were emphasized were how God wants the absolute best for His kids because of His love and care for us and how being strong in the Lord and in his mighty power equips us to take a stand for him in this world.

Standing on the Word

Fear Not, Neither Be Dismayed, the Lord is With You

Believing Old Testament Examples Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Waite, Jeff 12/19/2021

The teacher goes through several records in the Old Testament where people faced situations where they could have been afraid and dismayed, but since God was bigger than any situation that came up against them, they took courage in knowing God was with them. We are encouraged to always consider God first in all life’s situations, not to lose sight of God, and to see God’s point of view over the world’s point of view.

He is an Everyday God

Believing Old Testament Examples Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Gilmore, Michael 09/19/2021

God is the first place we should go in every situation; God is an everyday God, not an aid of last resort. We look at the record of King Asa which demonstrates how great it is when we go to God first and how hard things are when we go anywhere else. In this teaching, we see that God is always looking to bless people and that God is easy to find. Let’s not limit God! Let’s get rid of fear! God cares about you.

Who God Is