Deliverance by Physical Healing

Dealing with the Adversary Healing The Homewood Suites (East Rutherford, NJ) Armstrong, Joe 02/21/2016

We see in the Word how God is gracious and faithfully kind and He heals because that is who He is. Jesus Christ demonstrated who God was by healing all manner of sickness and diseases. We as born again believers are responsible to heal and to cast out devil spirits as Jesus Christ did to deliver and set people free. In Isaiah, Chapter 40, we see some of God’s great power which assures us He has the power and ability to take care of any need we might have.

Confessing God’s Word

Dealing with the Adversary Renewed Mind Inn at Stone Mountain Park Gross, Patrick 10/08/2022

This teaching provides an invaluable lesson on what it means to confess God’s Word. The teacher defines confession and describes how to synchronize our confession with the Word. He discusses surrounding ourselves with the Word, claiming the Word accurately, and mastering the basics, which we learn as we listen to the teaching. In applying these keys during times of hardship without giving up, the adversary has only one option, to leave.

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