2012 Central Area Day in the Word

Believing Healing Princeton Elks Lodge (Blawenburg, NJ) Various Teachers 12/15/2012

This event consisted of an afternoon with two teachings for adults with separate children’s fellowships going on at the same time, breaks to allow the believers time to fellowship together, refreshments, and a bookstore. It was an opportunity for the believers from fellowships throughout the Central Area of New Jersey to be together.

2012-01 Northern Area Day in the Word – The Power of God

Healing Receiving the Holy Spirit and Manifestations Hasbrouck Heights VFW (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ) Various Teachers 01/29/2012

This was the first of two Days in the Word held in the Northern Area of New Jersey in 2012. These events consisted of an afternoon with three teachings for adults with separate children’s fellowships going on at the same time, breaks to allow the believers to fellowship together, and a bookstore. Each one centered around a biblical theme, in this case “The Power of God”.

Stories of Deliverance

Believing Healing Old Testament Examples Carr Home (25 Ray Street) Carr, Jerry 01/20/2022 07/27/2023

This series, taught in Rev. Jerry Carr’s Thursday night fellowships, highlights God’s great ability to deliver His people and His desire to do so. In each of the teachings Rev. Carr usually covers a record of deliverance from the Old Testament, one from the Gospels, and one from the Book of Acts, as well as stories of deliverance of God’s people in our day and time. As we read the records, he points out different practical principles as to how we can see God’s deliverance in our own lives. The sharings each end with reading a Psalm that expresses God’s heart to deliver and the hearts of His people as they see Him deliver them.

Power of God, Faint Not

Deliverance by Physical Healing

Dealing with the Adversary Healing The Homewood Suites (East Rutherford, NJ) Armstrong, Joe 02/21/2016

We see in the Word how God is gracious and faithfully kind and He heals because that is who He is. Jesus Christ demonstrated who God was by healing all manner of sickness and diseases. We as born again believers are responsible to heal and to cast out devil spirits as Jesus Christ did to deliver and set people free. In Isaiah, Chapter 40, we see some of God’s great power which assures us He has the power and ability to take care of any need we might have.

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