Truth: The Word

Dealing with the Adversary Integrity of the Word New Life Island Gilmore, Hannah 08/20/2022

In this teaching, the teacher discusses the truth of the Word of God and the many reasons why having the truth is so important to an individual’s life. The truth separates and protects the believer from evil, enabling the believer to stand against attacks from the Adversary. She also talks about the Word’s numerous roles within the armor of God. We learn the value of choosing the truth over believing a lie, and are shown that we should hold fast to the truth of the Word and teach the same to others.

girding the loins

Be of Good Cheer

Be of Good Cheer Believing Renewed Mind Integrity of the Word Online Gilmore, Michael 06/05/2021

This teaching highlights Hebrews 11:1 regarding believing being the title deed to things we pray for. We can have confidence in God’s Word, that what He says will come to pass. The teacher refers to various records in God’s Word where someone had a need, they were told to “be of good cheer”, and deliverance followed. We will have pressure in this life, but God’s Word is the greater reality in every situation. We can “be of good cheer” even before we get the deliverance because we believe His Word.

I’d Rather Have God’s Word

Integrity of the Word Author Unknown

Everybody chooses what their “treasure” will be in life. This poem exhorts us to choose God’s Word, and the relationship it brings with God, as that treasure.


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