The Greater Reality

The Greater Reality Old Testament Examples Renewed Mind Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Gilmore, Michael 04/05/2020

In this teaching, we are encouraged to focus on the things that are not seen, which are spiritual things, and not to busy ourselves with the things that are seen. The example of the Israelites sending spies to examine the land of Canaan is given to contrast people who looked at things spiritually and those who looked at them carnally. The battlefield is in the mind, and the captives we take are the thoughts and plans that are carnal. We have a choice of words. What do we decide to believe? We are encouraged to claim and believe God’s Word; when we do, we have joy and rest.

Fear Not, Neither Be Dismayed, the Lord is With You

Believing Old Testament Examples Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Waite, Jeff 12/19/2021

The teacher goes through several records in the Old Testament where people faced situations where they could have been afraid and dismayed, but since God was bigger than any situation that came up against them, they took courage in knowing God was with them. We are encouraged to always consider God first in all life’s situations, not to lose sight of God, and to see God’s point of view over the world’s point of view.

He is an Everyday God

Believing Old Testament Examples Atlanta Believer Home (Tristan Circle) Gilmore, Michael 09/19/2021

God is the first place we should go in every situation; God is an everyday God, not an aid of last resort. We look at the record of King Asa which demonstrates how great it is when we go to God first and how hard things are when we go anywhere else. In this teaching, we see that God is always looking to bless people and that God is easy to find. Let’s not limit God! Let’s get rid of fear! God cares about you.

Who God Is