2015 Central Area Day in the Word

Prayer Princeton Elks Lodge (Blawenburg, NJ) Various Teachers 12/19/2015

This event consisted of an afternoon with two teachings for adults with separate children’s fellowships going on at the same time, breaks to allow the believers time to fellowship together, refreshments, and a bookstore. It was an opportunity for the believers from fellowships throughout the Central Area of New Jersey to be together.

Prayer and Watching

Leadership and Service Prayer New Life Island Penna, Alberto 08/21/2022

In this teaching, the teacher gives us a deeper understanding of prayer, specifically watching out for others, by breaking down Ephesians 6:18-20. We are given practical tips to grow in prayer for others. We see how prayer is a part of the armor of God and how imperative it is for leaders to pray for the people in their fellowships. Finally, we are encouraged to be bold and to trust the Christ in you in order to warn believers and to help them to stand against the Adversary.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer Author Unknown

A poem that reminds us of all that prayer can do when we take advantage of it.

Take Time to Pray

Prayer Author Unknown

We may think that we’re to busy to make time to pray but, in reality, the busier we are, the more need we have to pray and to get involved, reminds us this poem.

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