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Prosperity Renewed Mind Daggon Home (Budd Lake, NJ) Chatten, Bob 10/06/2002

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Claiming God’s Promises: God’s Word is Enough

Believing Renewed Mind Inn at Stone Mountain Park Carr, Lissy 10/08/2022

In this teaching, the teacher discusses why and how to claim the promises of God. She makes the decision to claim God’s promises simple by explaining the following: (1) what kind of God we have; (2) the limitations that we have; and (3) three specific promises that we can claim. There is also exhortation to get needs met during the weekend of this Advance. She closes by teaching the how-to of claiming God’s promises.

Confessing God’s Word

Dealing with the Adversary Renewed Mind Inn at Stone Mountain Park Gross, Patrick 10/08/2022

This teaching provides an invaluable lesson on what it means to confess God’s Word. The teacher defines confession and describes how to synchronize our confession with the Word. He discusses surrounding ourselves with the Word, claiming the Word accurately, and mastering the basics, which we learn as we listen to the teaching. In applying these keys during times of hardship without giving up, the adversary has only one option, to leave.

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