2021 Atlanta Fall Advance – The Great Mystery

Together, we as born-again believers are God’s masterpiece, the dwelling-place of the living God, and the fulfillment of His dream. Building on these truths revealed in the Great Mystery, the teachings at 2021 Atlanta Advance reminded us of keys to walking in the fullness of the One Body God designed for us. The 2021 Atlanta Advance for the southeast region took place over a weekend in October at the Inn at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Date: October 08, 2021 - October 10, 2021

Locations: The Inn at Stone Mountain Park (Stone Mountain, GA)

Topics: The Great Mystery

Individual Sessions or Teachings

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Dean Mercado

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Ryan Sanders

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Stephanie Hernandez

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Michael Gilmore

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Patrick Gross

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J.M. Scott

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Steve Zolezzi

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William Fiola

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God’s Masterpiece in Action

Teaching - Audio

Saturday Morning Watch

Teaching - Audio

Pentecost: The Victory of the Ages

Teaching - Audio

Keys to Living as Like-minded Believers

Teaching - Audio

The Mystery: The Wisdom of God

Teaching - Audio

One Body

Teaching - Audio

The Unity of the One Body

Teaching - Audio

Unity in Doctrine and Practice

Teaching - Audio

Sunday Morning Watch

Teaching - Audio

A New Culture, Living as God’s Family

Teaching - Audio