2021 Atlanta Fall Advance – The Great Mystery

The 2021 Atlanta Advance for the southeast region. It took place in October at the Stone Mountain Inn in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Date: October 08, 2021 - October 10, 2021

Locations: Inn at Stone Mountain Park

Topics: The Great Mystery

Individual Sessions or Teachings

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Dean Mercado

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Ryan Sanders

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Stephanie Hernandez

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Michael Gilmore

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Patrick Gross

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J.M. Scott

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Steve Zolezzi

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William Fiola

Downloads from 2021 Atlanta Fall Advance – The Great Mystery



God’s Masterpiece in Action

Teaching - Audio

Saturday Morning Watch

Teaching - Audio

Pentecost: The Victory of the Ages

Teaching - Audio

Keys to Living as Like-minded Believers

Teaching - Audio

The Mystery: The Wisdom of God

Teaching - Audio

One Body

Teaching - Audio

The Unity of the One Body

Teaching - Audio

Unity in Doctrine and Practice

Teaching - Audio

Sunday Morning Watch

Teaching - Audio

A New Culture, Living as God’s Family

Teaching - Audio