2021 Online Advance – A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine

In the second year of the COVID pandemic, with the lockdown restrictions making it impossible to gather in person for our advances, we offered an online advance on a topic that was very needed – A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine. It turned out to be a groundbreaking event for various reasons, beginning with reaching more people than any previous event. Participants totaled 665 believers across 27 U.S. states and territories and 14 countries. It was also the first event at which almost 60% of the participants came from outside of our “home area” of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, with a third coming from outside of the U.S. And, although we normally do simultaneous translations of Advance sessions into Spanish, this was the first time we had a leader from another country teach in Spanish and have it translated simultaneously into English for the other participants. All of the teachers were present together at the Fellowlaborer house with the exception of Luis Mero who taught from Ecuador. Coming at a crucial moment, the teachings resulted in a great blessing to people in many places and increased outreach in the months that followed.

Date: June 03, 2021 - June 06, 2021

Locations: Online

Topics: Renewed Mind

Individual Sessions or Teachings

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Jerry Carr

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Joe Armstrong

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Hannah Gilmore

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Michael Gilmore

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Bob Chatten

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Luis Alexander Mero

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Jerry Carr

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Joy and Rejoicing

Teaching - Audio

How to Have a Merry Heart

Teaching - Audio

Enjoying Our Relationship with God

Teaching - Audio

The Good News of the Mystery

Teaching - Audio

Some Biblical Keys on Being Happy or Blessed

Teaching - Audio

Be of Good Cheer

Teaching - Audio

The Joy of Deliverance

Teaching - Audio

The Power of a Thankful Heart

Teaching - Audio

Doing God’s Word and Having Fun

Teaching - Audio

Fellowship is the Secret

Teaching - Audio