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This resources on this page link to different websites that might be of interest and help to Bible students. Please note that we do not vouch for how well these sites rightly-divide God’s Word so you should always apply the keys to how God’s Word interprets itself when using any of them.

Bible Lands Maps and Pictures

Pictorial Library of the Bible Lands

This website has one of the best collections of photographs of different places mentioned in the Bible. You can find things by region or by searching by name.

On this site you can see maps for different sites mentioned in the Bible. You can search for the locations by name and see different versions of the maps – with topographical details, OT or NT roads. There are also links to information from existing printed atlases.

Electronic Bibles

This website allows you to see any verse in more than 60 translations in English and 19 translations in Spanish, as well as a number of other languages, something very useful when studying a passage of Scripture. It also includes different reading plans for people who like to read through the Bible in a year or read a section in certain amount of time.

Blue Letter Bible

Users may search Scripture in English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Spanish. Once a verse has been found, the Blue Letter Bible displays the
verse as well as those after it with links to dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, images, maps, and other versions. The site itself is pretty self-explanatory, and first-time users would most likely be able to navigate it without much difficulty.

This site and app were produced by believers. It offers some 27 different English versions, including the “Working Translation: A Journey Through the Acts and Epistles”, versions in a number of different languages, and several Greek and Hebrew texts. There are versions for iOS, Android and your desktop. By clicking on a word in the New Testament, you can pull up definitions from the Bullinger lexicon and Thayer’s lexicon. If you establish a free account, you can also take notes and save them in the app.

On-line Lexical Tools

New Testament Greek Lexicon

This online lexicon will show the Greek word and its transliteration in English, as well as the phonetic spelling, the part of speech, and its
definition. In addition, by showing the Strong’s number and link to The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, you can trace the word to other resources.

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