Peter’s Training by Jesus Christ

Leadership and Service Cahill Home (Rutherford, NJ) Zolezzi, Steve 10/16/2011 10/16/2011

This teaching traces examples of how Jesus Christ taught and trained Peter to be a leader. It shows how in order to be a great leader, you must first be a great follower. The records covered show how those that were with Jesus Christ were taught by both words and example and how a turning point in Peter’s life was his learning to accept reproof.

Jesus Christ’s Operation of the Manifestations

Leadership and Service Receiving the Holy Spirit and Manifestations Cahill Home (Rutherford, NJ) Zolezzi, Steve 10/16/2011 10/16/2011

Jesus Christ’s ministry was one of words and works. This teaching covers many examples in the Gospels of him operating power and bringing deliverance to  people. With us now having Christ in us, the hope of glory, we can now operate God’s power too and do the works that Jesus Christ did and greater. God wants us to operate power that power to bring blessings and deliverance to others, as well as to be blessed ourselves by other believers operating His power.

Jesus Christ Based His Ministry on the Word of God

Leadership and Service Cahill Home (Rutherford, NJ) Zolezzi, Steve 10/14/2011 10/14/2011

We see from the scriptures how Jesus Christ had to learn, from childhood, God’s Word and learn to apply it in his walk. He saw his calling and identity as God’s Son from God’s Word. He fulfilled the prophecy regarding himself by believing God’s Word. Our lives too can be a fulfillment of prophecy as we carry out the scriptures regarding ourselves as God’s sons.

Jesus Christ’s Example

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