How I Got Into God’s Word – Camellia Coccellato

Witnessing and Undershepherding Greenkill Conference Center Coccellato, Camellia 04/28/2019 04/28/2019

Camellia Coccellato tells about her life and how she got into God’s Word because of compassion. She was raised in Catholicism but was still God hungry. She was full of sin-consciousness, condemnation, and constantly apologizing for her life. On one of her lowest days, her sister-in-law helped her get signed up to take the Power for Abundant Living Class. After the class, she knew she was delivered, righteous, sanctified and redeemed!  There are a lot of people out there who think they are garbage or alone, but they are not! We cannot be afraid to share what we’ve got. Give people a chance to make a decision about God’s Word.

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