Saturday Morning Watch

Saturday Morning Watch Inn at Stone Mountain Park Scott, J.M. 10/08/2022

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The Unity of the One Body

The Great Mystery Stone Mountain Inn Scott, J.M. 10/09/2021

This teaching talks about the unity that the One Body is called to. Each of us has intrinsic worth to God, and we can each serve in a spiritual way. Our function in the Body may change through the years, but our value will never change. We are reminded that we must be willing to put up with a lot from one another and to give every bit of ability we have to keep the unity. We should not allow anger and frustrations to run our lives, but we are to instead walk in love and close the door on the devil.

The One Body


Renewed Mind Mountain Top Inn and Resort Scott, J.M. 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

This teaching is about the four steps to renewing the mind and how it is the key to demonstrating God’s power: (1) study God’s Word in our personal lives; (2) change our mental habits and control our thoughts to recognize our position in Christ as sons of God; (3) practice the presence of God; and (4) live the love of God. The renewed mind is the key to power because it enables the believer to demonstrate spiritual realities in the physical world. It is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts that are in alignment God’s Word. God wants us to know the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe. It is not our own power; it is God’s power. His power far surpasses any limits. What do we have to do to manifest His power? We have to believe. God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf. We have to allow Him to get in the game and not stand on the sidelines. Sometimes we limit God in our lives because we are too cognizant of our shortcomings. God wants to work in us and doesn’t expect perfection. Why would such power be given to people if it wasn’t intended to be put to use? Let’s be spiritual powerhouses by allowing God to work within us!