God Has Given Us Love

God has not given us fear but, instead, has given us love. It’s a spiritual love, an unconditional love. Always start with God’s love to know how to love yourself. It will take God the ages to come to fully show us His love. He gave, and all love is giving. Love is powerful; we can take people from death spiritually to life. Love is a decision of the will. You choose. Love is rich in mercy. We did not deserve to be loved, but he loved us anyway. You have to know God to imitate Him. You can’t truly walk in God’s love without knowing God’s Word. We hide the Word in our hearts and apply it; that is how love is perfected. Love grows as it is manifested and walked upon. It’s something you keep working at. It’s in the Word and in our actions that we love one another. It is not just knowing the Word but acting on the Word. We represent Jesus Christ here on earth.

Category: Advances & Camps

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God Has Given Us Love – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Liz Gilmore

Location: Mountain Top Inn and Resort

Topics: Believing, Love

Date: November 03, 2018

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