God’s Deliverance in My Life

This teaching shows the incredible juxtaposition of accepting God’s grace and receiving deliverance or refusing God’s grace and living in condemnation. Milagros tells the story of how she got into the Word, spoke in tongues and knew that she knew she was born again. She saw miraculous “coincidences” or, rather, people walking with God at the right place at the right time to help her learn God’s Word rightly divided. Even though her life was incredibly blessed, she chose to focus on the “little scratches” in her life, and in turn, stepped away from God’s Word. She refused God’s grace, love, and mercy and instead felt condemned and bitter in her heart. One day, she heard manifestations once again and knew she was home. Today, Milagros is the most loving, joyful person. She accepted God’s grace in her mind and is able to live a life of great love and helping others. God will not force us to change our minds; we have to change them. The difference between Judas and Peter in whether they received deliverance is that Judas refused God’s grace. Sometimes we have to talk with our Father, accept His grace, and move on. God wants the best for us and is able to deliver us in all things. We have to recognize our shortcomings but not allow them to condemn us. When help comes, accept it, and don’t refuse God’s grace. The decision is on us!

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God’s Deliverance in My Life – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Milagros Vetterlein

Location: Aldersgate Center

Topics: Renewed Mind, Deliverance, Grace, Personal Experience

Date: June 05, 2005

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