Intercessory Prayer: Standing in the Gap

This teaching is about praying with intercession, using our access to God, on behalf of the believers. It talks about us, as sons of God, standing in the gap with prayer for one another. Jesus Christ, Moses, and Samuel are given as examples as well as Epaphras’ laboring fervently in intercession for the believers in the New Testament. We are told that everything works together for good because of prayer in the spirit, which is speaking in tongues.

Category: Advances & Camps

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Intercessory Prayer: Standing in the Gap – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Bob Chatten

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: Leadership and Service, Old Testament Examples, Prayer

Date: May 02, 2015

Scripture References:
Luke 22:31-32
John 17:20-21
Romans 8:15-28
Exodus 32:7-14
Psalms 106:19-23
Exodus 32:31-33
1 Samuel 12:19-23
Colossians 4:12
Ezekiel 22:30
Ephesians 6:18

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