Love and Compassion

This teaching shows how healing occurs when great love and compassion is shown forth. It opens with a record about Jonah having more compassion on a plant than a whole city of people being delivered. Yet God cared about the city of people. God loves people, and He loves you. Jesus Christ showed people what God was like in the gospels. Jesus Christ got angry and sad when people didn’t care about someone who had a need. Similarly, it also makes God sad when people are callused in their hearts towards other people – especially when they stand in the name of God. There should be great concern, love, and kindness amongst His people. Love is a decision and cannot be earned. It is free and cannot be lost. God invented the concept of love, and love comes from Him. If you really know God, you will love people. God works in us to help people, but we have to want to do it. We need to have a deep affection for people and want good things for their lives. We have the ability as sons of God to take care of people. We watch out for each other and the people we meet every day. To know that someone has compassion on you is so healing. We ought to lay down our lives for each other. God’s household is a great place to be. Wherever you are, there should be great love and compassion because it is God in Christ in you!

Category: Advances & Camps

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Love and Compassion – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Joe Armstrong

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: Healing, Love, Compassion

Date: May 05, 2018

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