Our Love for Each Other

This teaching is all about how we are supposed to love each other with God’s unconditional love. It is very important to God that we love the person next to us. Our response to God’s love for us is to love Him and each other. To accomplish this, we cannot be afraid of people or what they may think of us. To God, we are treasure on this earth. All the wonderful things God can bring to a person’s life are in us because it is God in Christ in us. We can reconcile people back to God, and we have answers to what people need in this life. We need to put other people above ourselves and be concerned about them. Take time with people, talk to people, and listen to them and God. Think about all the things we could do to help them, what we can say to build them up, and how we can minister grace with our words. We can be a breath of fresh air because we love people and can help people come home to God. Love is what keeps us together.

Category: Advances & Camps

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Our Love for Each Other – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Joe Armstrong

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: Love

Date: June 27, 2019

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