Physical Deliverance

This teaching looks at many records in the gospels of Jesus Christ healing and delivering people in order to demonstrate a few things to us: (1) it is God’s will to heal; (2) it takes believing for our deliverance; (3) healing is our God-given right by Christ’s accomplishments; and (4) God’s Word gives us absolute wholeness. Other topics include the origin of sickness, condemnation, why everyone doesn’t get healed, and who gets the glory in genuine healings. Religion is based on works and is always looking for a formula. God’s Word says that there is deliverance for healing. We need to do what God tells us to do in the situation; God told Jesus Christ what to do, he did it, and then there was deliverance. Jesus Christ was always interested in complete deliverance, not just physical healing. Very often deliverance in people’s lives also brings great deliverance in the lives of people who observe it. The greatest healing that we know of comes from hearing God’s Word.

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Physical Deliverance – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Michael Gilmore

Location: Aldersgate Center

Topics: Healing

Date: June 04, 2005

Scripture References:
Psalms 103:3
Psalms 103:1-12
John 4:46-54
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John 9:24-27
John 9:34-38
Matthew 9:1-8
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Psalms 103:3

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