Prayer and Healing

This teaching explains that God and His Word can also deliver us from fear and anxiety. We see records in God’s Word where people prayed, believed God, and were healed. We are taught how important it is to intercede for people’s lives in prayer and to pray for more laborers to take care of people.

Category: Advances & Camps

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Prayer and Healing – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Steve Zolezzi

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: Believing, Healing, Prayer

Date: May 05, 2018

Scripture References:
Psalms 34:4
1 Peter 5:7
Philippians 4:6
2 Kings 20:1-6
Mark 9:17-29
Matthew 17:18-20
Luke 1:7
Luke 1:13
Acts 10:1-4
Acts 11:12-13
Luke 6:28
Numbers 21:4-9
John 3:14-15
Matthew 9:34-38
Jeremiah 17:14

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