Renewed Mind: The Conflict

The renewed mind allows us the opportunity to walk with the power of God in a dynamic way, to manifest the greatness of God’s love, and to be able to minister to people. This teaching gives a doctrinal approach to renewed mind believing (how it works), an example of what the renewed mind looks like, and a practical process to operating the renewed mind in our own lives. Lust, communication, and forgiveness are some of the practical topics covered. Renewing your mind is taking the thoughts of God’s Word on any given subject into your own mind so that God’s thoughts become your thoughts. The mind of Christ is a new reality because we were born without it until we were born again. The mind and body we were born with cannot produce the spiritual results detailed in God’s Word. Therefore, we have to rely on the newness of life which God created in us in order to get the believing results promised in God’s Word. We have the choice to walk by believing, the greatness of God’s Word, or to follow after a dead existence. We are still God’s children whether we renew our minds or not. We should choose to pursue after the spirit of God within us because it blesses God and because it has great benefits of life and peace. God set up a way for us to have Him in our hearts all the time. The fruit of the spirit is available to us in our lives. The renewed mind is a thought by thought decision. It is an attitude regarding God and His Word. It is a process of putting God first plus believing and acting on who you are in Christ.

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The Renewed Mind: The Conflict – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Nick Cinardo

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: Renewed Mind

Date: June 28, 2018

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