The Hope of Christ’s Return

This teaching describes the great hope and comfort of the Church in an extraordinary way. In a moment in time, all the years God has worked to finally gather His family will pay off at the sound of a trumpet. Today, we live in the Grace Administration; the very next administration is when Jesus Christ comes back again. The tyranny of evil is almost over because God has another thing in the works. This is a living hope in the heart of God, in the fabric of all life, and written in the stars. Jesus Christ is coming back! This world is filled with tears, and we are faced with death every day of our lives. But there will come a time, when everything will be better, when we get new bodies, when we will see the dead in Christ, and when there will be no more sorrow, tears or death. The hope of Christ’s return is what enables us to bear up under the pressures of life and the darkness of this world. We can sound out God’s Word to the world and bring hope to those who are without hope. We don’t look for the world to be better or the church to be perfect because that’s not going to happen, so we look towards the return of Jesus Christ and keep ourselves in the love of God. God wants us to know that He is sending His Son back, so we can have that fact in our hearts every day as our anchor, our joy, and what makes this life worthwhile.

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The Hope of Christ’s Return – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Diane Carr

Location: Greenkill Conference Center

Topics: The Hope

Date: April 29, 2012

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