The Mystery: God’s Masterpiece

The Great Mystery Mountain Top Inn and Resort Gilmore, Michael 11/04/2018 11/04/2018

A mystery is a secret, but once it is revealed, it can be known. Why was the Mystery so important? One reason is the impact to the Adversary’s kingdom; had they known it, they would not have crucified Jesus Christ. God had to work hard just to get Peter to go to the house of a Gentile. If you look around today, the One Body is separated into little groups of body parts. The Mystery, the One Body of Christ, is God’s great crowning work. Our great crowning work as members is how we give to the edifying of the whole Body. Get busy doing what you do instead of worrying about what other people do better than you do. We are the fulfillment of God’s dream.

The Sound Mind

Renewed Mind Mountain Top Inn and Resort Armstrong, Joe 11/04/2018 11/04/2018

A sound mind is one that admonishes itself. In this teaching, we cover how to maintain a sound mind as mentioned in 2 Timothy 1:7. The teacher emphasizes the importance of thinking what God’s Word says in order to maintain a healthy mind throughout your life. We look specifically at Colossians 3 for examples of thinking patterns that a sound mind follows such as forgiving people, loving people, letting God’s peace rule in your mind, and remembering what you are thankful for.

By Love, Serve Deliverance

Leadership and Service Love Mountain Top Inn and Resort Zolezzi, Steve 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

This teaching looks at the relationship between love, deliverance, and service. There are three parts: (1) being a shepherd; (2) being moved with compassion; and (3) the Apostle Paul’s “manner of entering in” from the book of Thessalonians. Jesus Christ laid down his life so that we can have abundant and eternal lives. Are we willing to lay our lives down in service to help other people? Jesus Christ’s compassion led to God’s Word being taught, the sick being healed, and people getting fed. Paul loved and gave everything he had because people were dear unto him. This resulted in an explosion of God’s Word! Love combined with the Word of God brings deliverance and helps people walk worthy. We can be moved with compassion today towards people who need the love and power of God so they can get God’s best.

God Has Given Us Love

Believing Love Mountain Top Inn and Resort Gilmore, Liz 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

God has not given us fear but, instead, has given us love. It’s a spiritual love, an unconditional love. Always start with God’s love to know how to love yourself. It will take God the ages to come to fully show us His love. He gave, and all love is giving. Love is powerful; we can take people from death spiritually to life. Love is a decision of the will. You choose. Love is rich in mercy. We did not deserve to be loved, but he loved us anyway. You have to know God to imitate Him. You can’t truly walk in God’s love without knowing God’s Word. We hide the Word in our hearts and apply it; that is how love is perfected. Love grows as it is manifested and walked upon. It’s something you keep working at. It’s in the Word and in our actions that we love one another. It is not just knowing the Word but acting on the Word. We represent Jesus Christ here on earth.


Renewed Mind Mountain Top Inn and Resort Scott, J.M. 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

This teaching is about the four steps to renewing the mind and how it is the key to demonstrating God’s power: (1) study God’s Word in our personal lives; (2) change our mental habits and control our thoughts to recognize our position in Christ as sons of God; (3) practice the presence of God; and (4) live the love of God. The renewed mind is the key to power because it enables the believer to demonstrate spiritual realities in the physical world. It is to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts that are in alignment God’s Word. God wants us to know the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe. It is not our own power; it is God’s power. His power far surpasses any limits. What do we have to do to manifest His power? We have to believe. God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf. We have to allow Him to get in the game and not stand on the sidelines. Sometimes we limit God in our lives because we are too cognizant of our shortcomings. God wants to work in us and doesn’t expect perfection. Why would such power be given to people if it wasn’t intended to be put to use? Let’s be spiritual powerhouses by allowing God to work within us!


God’s Grace and Power

Receiving the Holy Spirit and Manifestations Mountain Top Inn and Resort Carr, Jerry 11/03/2018 11/03/2018

This teaching is about God’s grace and power. It looks at the benefits of the manifestations of the holy spirit and goes through examples of the believers in Acts operating God’s power. We live in the Administration of Grace and the Mystery; we keep the Mystery alive by rightly dividing the Word of God and operating the manifestations. God has given us His Word so that we know who we are and what we’ve been freely given by His grace, and then He wants us to speak those things. We want people to know that they can manifest God’s power so they are not riddled with fear. God has given every believer nine wonderful ways to manifest and operate His power. It is imperative that we operate the power of God in our lives to be strong in the Lord and to be able to help others.


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