The Love of God

This teaching focuses on agapē love being God’s very nature and how it is available for God’s children to love with the same type of unconditional and unselfish love in the new birth. Love in the renewed mind in manifestation is the distinguishing characteristic of the Lord Jesus Christ’s followers upon the Earth. Loving with the love of God is a commitment out of freedom of will and is not based on emotion or the actions of other people. God loves me, therefore I love you; since God’s love for me never changes, neither does my love for you since my love is based on God. If we compromise on right doctrine, what we are manifesting ceases to be agapē. God’s love is like a magnet that draws people to God; it is the most powerful motivating factor in the world. God has poured into us His perfect love nature, and we as His sons can have that love in full manifestation in all aspects of our lives.

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The Love of God – Audio

Teaching - Audio

Teacher/Author: Bob Chatten

Location: Aldersgate Center

Topics: Love

Date: May 12, 2000

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